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Zalman ZM80-HP VGA Cooler Review

By : ET->S-M-C
Date : 16/09/02
Manufactured by : Zalman
Provided by : Zalman

Right this was going to be a review of the Zalman ZM17-CU but when we went to review the product the thermal adhesive had gone hard, so we contacted Zalman and we were told not to review it much to my surprise instead we were to review 2 new product that haven't been released yet. I was happy to oblige and as far as I know we are the first review site to receive them and they are the ZM80-HP and ZM50-HP. Today we will be looking at the ZM80-HP
The ZM80-HP and ZM50-HP are both new types of VGA coolers using hetapipe technology. As you can see in the picture above they still use a heatsink aswell to dissipate the heat, I must admit this is my first experience using a heat pipe so it is a learning process aswell.

We will be testing the ZM80-HP on our Ennyah GeForce 4 MX420 and comparing it to the stock heatsink above, we would have liked a GeForce 4TI or Radeon 9700 but we couldn't acquire one but when we do we will do a bit of testing on that aswell.

Now we know what we are looking at lets take a look at the spec's.

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