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Powercooler PCH075 Review

By : ET->S-M-C
Date : 6/11/01
Manufactured by : Powercooler
Provided by : Powercooler

Now I'm going to have a guess that not many people know or have heard of the company that produces the PCH075 so lets give you a bit of background info.

This company began way back when I was only a wee kid (1989) as a plastic injection Factory, established with producing and marketing plastic injection. It was not until 1995 that they began research into fans and fan producing equipment. Now over the last 6 years they have setup factories and offices all over the world and produce selected products such as:
50x10mm, 40x08mm, 40x6.4mm, 30x10mm, 30x06mm, 25x10mm,
25x06mm, 60x10mm, 60x15mm, 60x25mm, 80x15mm, 80x25mm,
92x25mm, 120x25mm, 120x38mm CPU COOLER, 3D COOLER

Now that we know who Powercooler are lets have a look at one of their product, the PCH075.

Now the PCH075 comes in a nice vacuum formed container with a cardboard backing which shows that this heatsinks is meant to be displayed on a rack in a shop. If I saw this in a shop it would certainly catch my eye with the way it is packaged and its looks.

The heatsink it's self is very similar to the Zalman CNPS 5001-CU in the way that it has a copper core running up the middle but instead of having copper fins the PCH075 has aluminum fins and shroud.

Now we have had a closer look at the heatsink its self lets have a look at the spec's.

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