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Macase GALAXY II midi ATX Case Review

There is plenty on offer in this case especially for the size.
4 X 5-1/4" Bays
5 X 3-1/2" Hidden bays (Removable in 2 cages)
2 X 3-1/2" Bays
Lockable access side door
2 Additional 120mm fan mountings
Screwless 5-1/4" Drive mountings
Removable screwless front cover
Front USB and sound
Front Fan Filter

Some great features for a midi case.

The case is quite aesthetically pleasing with a great shape although it is a standard beige but who cant fix that with a can of spray paint.
The case has a lockable side panel with a latch at the top and bottom, these are simple to operate with a simple push of the button on the right the latch flips open and the side can be removed. If this is not enough security for you then there is also a microswitch that triggers an audible alarm if the case is opened and your motherboard supports it.
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