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Macase Champion Blue Full ATX Case Review

Moving towards the front of the case we can see the front Lockable drive access door. Once again a great idea if you don't like people in or near your computer although I did find it annoying because I write allot of Data CD's that take a while to burn I often leave my computer to it, only problem was my CD-RW opens when its finished and hit the door not doing any damage but annoying none the less.

The case comes with the usual bag of extra screws a power lead and the drive mounting rails there were no instructions but then again who needs them right.
A quick look at the front after the Bezel has been pulled off reveals the 6 5-1/4" bays and the 2 visible 3-1/2" bays, also at the front you will see 3 of the 5 80mm fan mounts with pressed grill. I think that they should do away with pressed grills really and put a chrome grill there if anything.
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