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Macase Champion Blue Full ATX Case Review

The case has many great feature's to offer:
6 X 5-1/4" Bays
6 X 3-1/2" Hidden bays (Removable in 2 cages)
2 X 3-1/2" Bays
Lockable access side door
Lockable drive cover door
5 Additional 80mm fan mountings
Side blow hole
Screwless 5-1/4" Drive mountings
Removable screwless front cover
Capable of taking 2 PSU's

So as you can see not just a standard case really

The case comes with the usual bag of extra screws a power lead and the drive mounting rails there were no instructions but then again who needs them right.
Looking at the case a bit closer we can see the lockable door handle which I think is quite useful if you don't like people tampering with the insides of your PC. Also we find the side blow hole which I must say looks very clean with no sharp edges and if you didn't know any better most people would say it looks like a speaker a chrome fan grill may look better than that speaker mesh.
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