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Case Ace GearGrip Pro Review

By : ET->S-M-C
Date : 13/06/02
Manufactured by : CaseAce
Provided by : CaseAce

Well this is a review that was done quite a while ago back in the UK but once the Case Ace was reviewed we had lost all review notes and the product in the packing for everything ready to be shipped to Australia, so now that everything has arrived in Australia we will get on with the review.
The Gear Grip is a very simple product deigned so that you can carry your computer around with ease, as you can see it simply wrap's around your case and clips together. The 2inch webbing straps are very strong and can carry upto 70lb, the straps are also adjustable and with the standard size which we are reviewing you can carry any case upto 52inches in circumference which is most midi cases and desktops, if your case is larger then there is a larger size available to fit cases upto 70inches.
The Gear Grip has a few extra features than just being able to lug your PC around, if your PC travels allot then you can leave the Grip Gear in place, also you can place your keyboard and mouse in the GearBag on the side and you don't even need to unplug them. The product is mainly aimed for LAN party go-ers and Network technicians so the Gear Grip also includes 2 cable grips to hold network cables or headphones, along with this it has a soft grip handle to make things easier or you can opt to use the shoulder strap to free up your hands.

All in all this is a great product if your computer is a frequent traveller I would recommend you to get one of these. Now that I am in Australia my system moves from room to room so much that I leave the GripGear on, even with fans on the top and side there is no obstruction to the air flow.

Makes travelling easier.
GearBag holds everything I need.

No strapping behind the buckles which could scratch the case.

I would like to give special thanks to CaseAce for the sample and apologise for the wait.

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