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Ennyah Digicolor GeForce 4 MX420 Review (Spec's)
  The card itself looks very standard although it does have a Black PCB instead of green and it has a bit of spice added in the form of the silver heatsink. The card looks quite well constructed with all capacitors that don't sit flush to the PCB being supported.  
The heart of the card is slap bang in the middle in the form of Nvidias GeForce 4 MX chip this is there latest offering in the budget range although it will be taking over from the GeForce 3 which I find hard to believe. The core is cooled by a fairly large hetasink but surprisingly no fan, the heatsink is attached by thermal epoxy which I don't think they intend on you removing as it is quite firmly stuck on, just to make it slightly more difficult to remove they have added 2 push pins which come out quite easily.
Now this is not the best picture but if you can see the thermal epoxy is quite thick and is preventing the hetasink from actually touching the core of the card itself. But this is a simple fix, just remove the heatsink if you can and replace the thermal epoxy with a thermal grease of your choice this should drop the temperature's slightly as well.
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