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Ennyah Digicolor GeForce 4 MX420 Review


By : ET->S-M-C
Date : 12/08/02
Manufactured by : Ennyah
Provided by : N/A

Its been a while since the last review but here it is The Ennyah Powercolor Geforce 4 MX420 64mb with TV-Out what a mouthful. Well this is our first ever display card review so it is all new to us so bare with us and if we miss anything then let us know.
So lets get on with it and where better to start than what you see first, the box that the Ennyah GF4 comes in is very similar to the old Elsa boxes but then this is the way most on the shelf boxes are going, it is still quite an eye catching box but I think a little more could have been done to get the 'GeForce 4' to stand out.

Now considering this is not an OEM product I expected there to be more bundled in with the card I mean there wasn't even a warranty card of any kind included. I was hoping for maybe a game or 2 or even a CD with the Nvidia demos on so you can see what the card is capable of, as you can see the only things included are the necessities (The card, Driver CD, S-Video adapter and TV cable)

Well lets take a closer look at the card itself and see how it differs from others.

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