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DTS 440 Anodized Shim Review

By : ET->S-M-C
Date : 14/09/01
Manufactured by : CPUFX
Provided by : Case-Sensitive

Now have you ever worried when installing/removing a heat sink that you are possibly going to chip or even crush you beloved AMD core?
If so then this is for you The DTS 440 CPU shim from Case-sensitive.
Now if you were someone who went out and brought any of the Orb range from ThermalTake then you will probably know how hard it is to remove one of the orbs and if you are very unlucky then you may have chipped or crushed your core which the orbs are well known for. The Orb's are not the only heatsinks that are know for crushing cores because if you are not careful any heatsink can crush a core, this is where the shim comes in.

The shim is a simple little piece of anodized aluminum that sits on top of your processor which means that when you install a heatsink you are not going to crush or chip your core. Now let me tell you that once you have chipped a core and your lucky that it still works you worry about replacing the heatsink (trust me I know) then this is for you.
Right lets wrap this up.
If you like your processor then get one of these as they are worth it as they give you the confidence when changing heatsinks.


None (That I can think of).
Does not decrease temperature.

I would like to give special thanks to Andy from Case-Sensitive for the sample.

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