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Zalman CNPS5001 Review (Spec's)

The CNPS5001-CU was developed as a result of the Change CPU Cooler (CCC) Project at Zalman Tech. Co., Ltd.. It is the quietest and highest performing CPU Cooler manufactured to date to our knowledge.

1)Zalman's CPU Coolers do not generate noise and vibration in silent mode.
2) The heat dissipating material of the CCC Flower HeatSink (FHS) is 100% Copper.
3) Zalman's CPU Coolers cool a CPU to a temperature sufficiently below the temperature required by the CPU manufacturer without generating noise.
4) Zalman's CPU Coolers enable very stable operation of a CPU in an OVERCLOCKED environment.
* If you try OVERCLOCKING, please make sure that the CNPS5001-CU fan is in Normal Mode.
* Zalman Tech. Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damage to systems or CPUs caused by CPU OVERCLOCKING.

1) One CNPS5001-CU FHS assembly
2) One Fan (6025)
3) Four Bolts A (59~63mm)
4) Four Bolts B (42~47mm)
5) Four Bolts C (6~13mm)
6) Four Nipples (spacers)
7) Four Tapered Springs
8) Four Washers A (6mm)
9) Eight Washers B (4mm)
10) Thermal Grease
11) One Noiseless Connector RC100(Length : 60mm)
One Noiseless Connector RC56(Length : 90mm)
12) A Packet of Spare Components

FHS Specifications
1) Dimensions: 91 x 66 x 70mm
2) Fin Length: 18mm
3) Wing Height: 42mm
4) Number of Wings: 56~64 sheets
5) Wing Thickness: 0.3mm
6) Heat Dissipating Material: Pure Copper
7) Weight: 430g
8) Heat Dissipating Area: 960~1060 cm2
9) Thermal Resistance
0.40deg C/W (Silent)
0.32deg C/W (Low-Noise)
0.24deg C/W (Normal)

FAN Specifications PS60252H
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 25mm
Bearing Type
RPM Silent Mode
RC100(Length:60mm) 1900RPM (+-20%)
Low-Noise Mode
RC56(Length : 90mm)
2500RPM (+-8%)
Normal Mode 4500RPM (+-8%)
Noise Silent Mode
20dB (+-10%)
Low-Noise Mode
RC56(Length : 90mm) 25dB (+-10%)
Normal Mode 32dB (+-10%)

Compatible with Socket Type CPUs

Mode AMD CPU(Socket 462) INTEL P4 CPU(Socket 423)
Normal Mode
1.5GHz or higher 2GHz or higher
Low-Noise Mode
1.5GHz 2GHz
Silent Mode
1.5GHz 2GHz
*This cooler cannot be mounted on a mainboard that does not have four holes around the socket.

Please keep the following in mind for a noiseless computer
1) For a noiseless computer, a Noise Prevention (NP) Power Supply, a NP HDD, a NP CD-ROM and a NP VGA CARD should be used together with this cooler.
2) Zalman affixes a Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS) Mark to each of its parts and components used for noiseless computers.
3) It is preferable that a NP VGA Card having a VGA FHS is used for a high-performance VGA card.
4) When buying a new VGA card, it is recommended to buy a VGA card without a fan.

Patent Applications
... Korean Patent Application No. 01-11056
... Patent Applications Pending in over 20 nations around the world, including U.S., EU, and Japan

Installation of the CNPS5001-CU
1) The CNPS5001-CU can be mounted only on a mainboard having four holes around the CPU socket.
2) If the RPM of the CPU fan cannot be measured, please update the BIOS to the latest version.
For information on BIOS updates, please refer to the mainboard manufacturer's web site (There are some mainboards that cannot measure the RPM of fans in silent mode. Actual use is not affected by this).

* The specifications of the cooler may change without prior notice to improve the performance thereof.

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