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Arkua 8568
Today we have another heatsink offering from Arkua in the form of the Arkua-8568. We are hoping that Arkua have kept up the good work.
Intel Stock P4

The Inte heatsink is of a very simple design as it only the retail product so is designed to keep the cost down but perform just enough to keep the cpu cool.

Lite-On 24x10x40

Now this is a review of the 24x drive but we will compare it to the 16x to see if it is worth it to buy a faster drive.


By : ET->S-M-C
Date : 26/09/01
Manufactured by : Zalman
Provided by : Zalman
Well here we go again. I have finally got round to testing this heatsink, after having it sit in front of me for a while I have realized how different this heatsink is to any other manufacturers heatsink. It has a similar design to the Thermosonic Thermoengine, both consist of a large core up the middle with fins comings out of the core. Another thing about this heatsink is the way that it takes advantage of the 4hole on most AMD and P4 motherboards, but if you do not have these holes the heatsink is useless to you (I will tell you more about this later). Lets get in and have a closer look at the whole package.
The heatsink comes in a slightly larger box than most but this is due to its large size and also because you get everything you need in the one box. Inside the box you will find the heatsink, Thermal grease, 2 packets of screws, set of cardboard washers a set of spare parts and 2 noiseless connectors along with a user manual (not pictured)

This heatsink is similar to the CNPS3100 flower in the way that it is a group of copper fins bolted together by 2 aluminum blocks, what this does is it pushes the fins so they are that tightly packed that they form a smooth base which means that if you ever think of lapping this heatsink then you are mad as you will never get the base smoother than it is.

Now we have looked at the design lets have a look at the spec's of this thing.