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Arkua 8568
Today we have another heatsink offering from Arkua in the form of the Arkua-8568. We are hoping that Arkua have kept up the good work.
Intel Stock P4

The Inte heatsink is of a very simple design as it only the retail product so is designed to keep the cost down but perform just enough to keep the cpu cool.

Lite-On 24x10x40

Now this is a review of the 24x drive but we will compare it to the 16x to see if it is worth it to buy a faster drive.

100% copper-based Noise Prevention (NP) Flower Heatsink (FHS) - World's highest performance heatsink manufactured by Zalman

(1) Features
- No noise or vibration is caused by the Zalman CPU coolers in Silent Mode.
- The FHS is made of pure copper for effective heat dissipation
- CNPS3100-GOLD is plated with pure gold.
- Separation of the FHS from the CPU fan prevents transfer of the fan's vibration to the CPU.
- Use of 80-mm fan (FB176) enables cooling of the motherboard chipset as well as CPU to be cooled.
- CPU can be cooled down to an optimal temperature without generation of noise.
- More stable operation of CPU is ensured in overclocking environment.
(*Zalman is not responsible for any damage to system and/or CPU caused by overclocking)

(2) Parts
2) ZALMAN NP FAN(ZM-F1) & Bracket :FB176D(E)
3) Thermal grease
4) Screw bolts (Inch-sized/mm-sized bolts)
5) Clip
6) Noiseless connector

(3) FHS Specification
- Dimension: 95~110 mm Length / 52 mm width / 65 mm Height
- Fin Length: 65 mm
- Number of Fin Groups : 53~60
- Fin Thickness : 0.3 mm
- Base Material : Copper
- Mass : 296 g
- Total Surface Area : 2800cm2
- Thermal Resistance : 0.35deg C/W (5V Silent Mode), 0.28deg C/W (12V Normal Mode)

(4) Compatible with Socket Type CPUs Including
AMD Athlon (SocketA), AMD Duron, Intel Pentium III, Intel Celeron, VIA CyrixIII

(5) Suggestions for the Noiseless System
- Use the FHS along with Zalman's NP SMPS, NP Hard Disk, NP CD-ROM Drive & NP Video Card, each of which have the 'CNPS' logo
- Use the high-performance NP Video Card along with VGA FHS manufactured by Zalman
- Fanless Video Card is preferred for replacement

(6) Korean Patent & Design Registration of The Zalman CNPS are pending
- There are plans to file corresponding application in the U.S., Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Philippines, China and other countries.

* The specification of the cooler may change without prior notice to improve the performance thereof.

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