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Arkua 628 Review

By : ET->S-M-C
Date : 13/05/02
Manufactured by : Arkua
Provided by : Arkua

Ok by now we should all know who Arkua are and what they do if you dont then you can check the other Arkua reviews here. Back on the 10th of October 2001 SolidMercury reviewd the Arkua 6128 this was one of our first reviews and we were impressed by it. Now we have the improved Arkua 628 up for review.
The heat sink came in an old box that was made for the Arkua 6218 and 6229 this could be due to the heatsink being nearly the same. The fan on the 628 is a 60mmx60mmx20mm job which is only 10mm higher than the 6128 but the fan pushes 0.5cfm less but spins at an extra 100rpm. The fan is exceptionaly quiet at only 33dBA

As you can see the heatsink is still based on the X-Fin design and comparing it to the Arkua 6218 the only noticable difference is that the 628 is black anodized and has a slightly taller fan so we expect performance to be similar.

Now we have had a closer look at the heatsink its self lets have a look at the spec's.

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