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Arkua 7528 & 7228 Review

By : ET->S-M-C
Date : 13/11/01
Manufactured by : Arkua
Provided by : Arkua

Time for another heatsink review. Once agaimthis is going to be 2 reviews in 1 as we have received more heatsinks from Arkua in the form of the 7228 and 7528. These are the larer versions of the previous heatsinks we were sent by Arkua.
We were once again sent two heatsinks at the same time both in seperate boxes that were just big enough with cardboard supports once again, ensuring that they will be safe during transport. With the new heatsinks you can see that the performance should be slightly better with the increase of the surface area. The 7228 has a 7000rpm Inovative 60mm fan so it looks like Arkua have droped the Delta fans, but noise from the Inovative is the same as the Delter it has replaced. Now with the 7528 being the cheeper version it is only supplied with a 5000rpm Inovative 70mm fan.

Once again the copper core has not been extended up to the top of the heatsink. so does this mean that there is still a higher model to come out of Arkua

Now we have had a closer look at the heatsink's ets have a look at the spec's.

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