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News September 2001

AMD are on the move again, they will be releasing the Athlon XP on October the 9th in 4 speed's with a price tag from $115-$210

XP Clock speed Model Number Price
1.333GHz 1500+ $115
1.400GHz 1600+ $124
1.467GHz 1700+ $152
1.530GHz 1800+ $210
Well we all know that the model numbers correspond to the performance of the Pentium 4, If you did not know then it works like this. The Athlon XP 1700+ runs at 1.467Ghz which actually performs as well as a P4 1.7Ghz this is why it is given the name Athlon XP 1700+ (So now you know). So does AMD want people to know that the Athlon does not run as fast as the P4 - well the answer is no as they will be trying to get retailers to sell the chip using the model number and not the CPU speed, they will sell the chip using the term quantispeed technology Which basically means that the chips are Turbocharged´┐Ż.

More AMD rumors are about that they are going to try and cash in on Microsoft's new OS windows XP and will call its new processors Athlon XP, these chips will be based on the new Palomino chip and will range from 1.33GHz - 1.5GHz.

AMD Athlon XP Model Numbers
XP Clock speed Model Number
1.333GHz 1500+
1.400GHz 1600+
1.467GHz 1700+
1.500GHz 1800+
1.600GHz 1900+

October the 15 is supposedly the date that AMD release the information in their Hammer 64-bit processor and how it is going to extend the X86 instructions into the 64-bit architecture. But AMD wont be the company of the day as it is expected that Intel is to release the road maps for their server, desktop and mobile processor. Also they may reveal details on the Banias which is Intels next-generation mobile processor. So a busy day and if thats not enough VIA's processor wing will push the C3 all the way to the magic 1Ghz and beyond.

VIA is to releases the next X86- compatible C3 processor next quarter. The chip will be code named the Nehemiah and will be shipped as the C4.
VIA released the information earlier this year that the chip is designed to run at speeds of 1.3Ghz at 133Mhz front side bus, it will also be fabricated on the 0.13u micron with a 128KB L1 cache and 256KB of L2 cache. The new core will also improve on the C3's 12-stage pipeline and increase it to a 17-stage pipeline to allow the chip to run at higher clock speeds. It has also been recently announced that they will release another chip based on the C4 core code named Esther in the second quarter of 2002 and it will reach speeds of 2.0Ghz.

Some time in September AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) will be changing the way it names its processors. They will be giving processors model numbers instead of naming them in relation to their speed in MHz. This is an attempt to cover the speed difference between AMD's fastest processor at 1.4Ghz and Intels 2GHz. The new names will be based on the processors performance in relation to the PIV, so a new 1.5GHZ AMD may be named the 1900+ depending on how AMD compares their processor to the PIV
For more on this you can read the ZDnet article here

Intel have finally broke the 1GHz barrier with their budget processor the 'Celeron' they now offer speeds of up to 1.1GHz for desktop computers and 750MHz for the mobile range. Dell and Compaq are all ready offering systems based on this new celeron and Intel also intend to replace the PIII 1GHz and 1.1GHz with the new celeron and hope to bridge the gap and offer home users the speed of the new PIV at a reasonable price.
For more on this you can read the ZDnet article here

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