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News November 2001
Well like we said we hoped to get a forum up.
And yes we now have one thanks to Richard from TheChilli. So pease do visit the forum.

Well after allot of problems with the new review system we are back to getting more reviews done. The Arkua 7228 and 7528 review is now up.

Also we could have a forum coming soon (hopefully if all goes well)

Yes we can tell its getting well into winter where i live as we had snow falling all night. So what a reason to have the day off and sit inside a nice warm house and write up the review for the Powercooler PCH075

And this is for all you that want to see the snow. (Remember Don't eat yellow snow)

Well alot of reviews have been compleated and should be posted with in the week and they are as follows:
Arkua 7228
Arkua 7528
GlobalWin CAK38
Powercooler PCH 075
Powercooler PCH113
Zalman CNPS3000-Plus

We would once again like to thank our sponsors for the samples.

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Macase Galaxy II midi Case
Zalman ZM80-HP
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