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News June 2002
The fan is slightly larger than nVidia's reference, and is rated at 10.6CFM. It's big enough, and draws more power than the stock fan, and you'll likely be forced to use the included 3-to-4 pin Molex adapter. Even if you didn't want to use the adapter, it's a physical impossibility to fit the power cable into the video card's outlet. Although the fan is larger, I didn't find the noise to be obtrusive, and chances are, your CPU HSF or case fans will likely generate a lot more noise. Check it out here.

Property Of VipersLair

Well after having a few problems with connecting to the net we have finished our new site design and all the news should now be view able.
Hope the new site is to everyone's liking if not drop us and e-mail with suggestions.

Well i think it is about time we got on with some more reviews. We found out that things didnt go great with the move once all our things had arived in australia and a couple of things were broken but what can you do when you ship things half way round the world, well one important thing was lost and has not been found and that is my 'Review Book' this had all the reviews in and some that hadent been posted so have to be done again.
Well the first review that has been done again is the CaceAce GripGear Pro so check it out.

We are also selling new systems in Western Australia so check the Systems page for more details.

Recent Reviews
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