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News July 2002

So here we have it, another Arkua review is here and it is in the form of the Arkua 628 which we found to be very similar to the 6128 we reviewed a while ago. Still it is a great heatsink so check the review out here.

You may notice that ther is not testing the heatsink out on an overclocked processor, this is due to our trusty old T-Bird suffering a chip in the core a while ago and now not being able to overclock it. so we will soon have to invest in a new CPU or hope for a kind donation.


Nvidia are expected to introduce there 2 new motherboards on the 15th of July, both boards are to use the New Nforce 2 chipset which has an intergrated GeForce 4 MX chip and is set to compeate with the new chipset from VIA in the form of the KT400. The introduction is set to happen two days befor the release of the new ATI Radeon 9700.

So Technology has come along way since 1980 when Intel launched the Intel 8080 which delivered speeds of 2 MHz, to the 4.77 MHz and powered the IBM PC launched in 1981, Since then we have climbed the ladder slowly but surely to the New 2.53 GHZ Pentium 4. Now processors over the years have changed in shape and size but very rarely has the technology in them changed. This is soon to change when due to Intel Planning on Integrating a RADIO into the CPU so that they can communicate with each other.... could this be the start of a new kind of pirate radio station??

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