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News December 2001
  Well ComeClickBuy is now officialy open with some great opening offers up and outstanding prices on all items so please do check them out.
As for the reviews they will be up as soon as i get back to my other computer as it has them all on and i am currently only able to update from college so i better get back to me exam work.

  Well I'm on the move to a temporary residence before my big move to Australia so the site might seem to be a bit dead but its not we are still trying to get things done while packing so please stick with us. We have a review of the Globalwin CAK38 to put up along with a comparison between the Lite-on 16x10x40 and the 24x10x40 CD-RW drives all these will be up on the opening of ComeClickBuy shop who supplied the products for review. We also have a guest reviewer doing a couple of reviews while I move so things wont slow to a grinding halt.  

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