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News August 2002

Being an overclocker often means you would almost certainly have a ton of fans in your system, moving the cool air in, and the hot air out. Having many fans also means having to somehow manage the clutter of wires and cabling that comes with the fans themselves. Another problem would be finding enough molex splitters to cater for all those fans.
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VIA mainboards web site are giving away 10 P4PB 400 mainboards. Entrants only need to fill in a simple questionnaire to be in the draw.

Competition URL: http://www.viavpsd.com/points/index.jsp
P4PB 400 mainboard URL: http://www.viavpsd.com/product/P4PB400_spec.jsp?motherboardId=41

Zalman are to release 2 new VGA coolers using heatpipe technology and we have been offerd 2 for review. The 2 new models will be named ZM50-HP and the ZM80-HP and can be prieviewed here.

Ok so it has been a while scince an update and a review but never fear we still have tem coming.
Our lates review is of the Ennyah Powercolor GeForce 4 MX420 so check it out here, this is our first display card review so if you feal that we have missed something out then let us know.
Also dont forget we are still in for the dimond web award so please feal free to vote by clicking the award just down the page.

Well I started to overclock this card using Powerstrip since that is the first icon I found on my desktop. I was able to get it to the max, 320 Core and 595 Mem. I ran 3dmark and it completed, no artifacts, no snowing. Looked around and found my Rivatuner (thanks to some friendly Onions of course) and began to increase this. I was able to get up to 316/643 and still run 3dmark but that gave me lots of glitches. Check it out here.

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