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Blowhole Guide

We at SolidMercury take no responsibility for any thing you do following anything we say. Basicly you do what you want when you want and we dont care. :-)

Now that overclocking is becoming more mainstream and people can get a free performance boost, they some times over look the fact that overclocking the CPU via Front side bus can increase the speed of not just the processor but other things such as the AGP BUS and PCI BUS. All this can increase the temperature inside your case. So we will show you how to drop the temperature in a matter of minuets.

To make an intake hole or even a blowhole you will need a few thing that you can pick up at many online PC shops. We got everything we needed from 'The Overclocking Store' and 'Cool Case Mods' what we used:


A Drill.
Holesaw and arbor.
Fan and Fan grill.
Rubber blowhole molding.
Nuts and bolts.

First we chose which case we would diessect. As we have no new cases we will show you on an E-star case which is used for my main system.




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